Contract Staffing Companies in Mumbai

Are you seeking the ideal skillsets to help you with your latest project at your corporation? Yes, we are prepared to provide you with contract employees with the appropriate skill sets to meet your contract staffing needs. Every company needs well-suited and productive employees to get the best outcomes and finding such individuals might be difficult. We at Innovsource make sure that you never have to look any further and that your quest for the best contract staffing agency is brought to a final resolution by us.

Why Choose Innovsource as Your Contract Staffing Agency?

  • We are delighted to have a great deal of experience in the recruiting industry and that has ranked us among one of the top staffing companies in India. We hire seasoned professionals for our recruitment process, managed by an expert with years of expertise in the field. Furthermore, one of our most valuable advantages is our core staff's consistency and incredibly low turnover rate.
  • We only hire higher calibre candidates that show promise. We only work with the very best candidates and accept only exceptional applicants based on our screening tests.
  • We act as a contract staffing agency providing a more personalized style of staffing. We take the time to listen to our clients to satisfy their needs better truly.
  • We believe in creating a safe and healthy workplace for our employees. When seeking a staffing firm that is genuinely committed to excellence, contact Innovsource, the leading contract staffing company in Mumbai and allow us to handle the details for you. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.

What Makes Us Top Contract Staffing Company in Mumbai?

Nowadays, it is a subject of great concern that many organizations find it increasingly difficult to identify the most qualified candidates for a particular project or task. This is where Innovsource can help you by picking the best-qualified individuals for any position. Innovsource gives value for money to the companies for whom it provides staffing services by carefully assessing individual profiles. Our staffing database contains eligible applicants with the requisite skills and exposure to perform admirably in the context of the duties given to them. Consequently, if your company requires contract staffing in Mumbai, you can be confident that Innovsource will meet your human resource requirements, allowing you to experience a stress-free and calm staffing process.

We are quite proud of our vast potential in offering unrivalled contract staffing services in Mumbai to major corporations, and we are extremely optimistic about the future. Choosing from a large pool of great candidates who meet or exceed the highest levels of needed credentials is easy with Innovsource. But, of course, we choose the best of the best to meet your specific staffing requirements.

Our Presence

Since its foundation, Innovsource, one of the leading contract staffing agencies in Mumbai, has met the end-to-end HR needs of 1200+ customers across 15+ industry sectors. We employ over 70,000 associates who are now stationed in over 1000 locations across India, also making us a top staffing company in India.

Benefits of Contract Staffing to Companies from Innovsource

  • As a contract staffing agency, the Innovsource staffing team possesses exceptional technical hiring abilities and is adept at identifying qualified individuals for various available positions.
  • Like no other contract staffing companies, we manage the entire employment process, from resume screening to interviewing and conducting background/reference checks, saving the organization time and money.
  • We assist firms in streamlining the onboarding process by supplying the whole documentation file for the selected individual.
  • Employee performance feedback is closely monitored.
  • Qualified and reliable candidates are more likely to be retained within the organization, which is helpful in the long run for the organization.

Our Services


Staffing Services

  • General Staffing
  • General Staffing

Permanent Recruitment

  • Direct Hire
  • Mid Management Search
  • Vendor On Premises
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Technology Services

  • Mobile Attendance Tracking
  • Employee Self Service
  • Employee Helpdesk



Key Offerings

  • Insurance, Mediclaim, Welfare events
  • Self service: Payslip, PF, ESIC, TDS, Leave, Reimbursements
  • Online app based onboarding
  • 247 Dedicated Contact center (1-800-22-4456)
  • 9 language toll-free support
  • SMS Alerts, Emails
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