About ISF


Indian Staffing Federation, ISF has been founded by leading staffing companies with one common goal - Staffing India's Growth.

Staffing, though is an established form of outsourcing, India is yet to recognise and adopt Staffing as an effective means to running its businesses. With a penetration of just 2%, ISF is championing this industry, with a suitable and supporting regulation. The Staffing Industry provides a platform for recognised employment, work choice, even compensation, annual benefits and health benefits for the temporary workforce that constitutes almost 70% of India’s total workforce.

The purpose of ISF is to enhance long-term growth and ensure its continued ability to make positive contributions to the economy as well as the society through the services of the Staffing Industry. The principal focus of the Federation's activities shall be triangular employment relationships, in which the staffing company is the employer of the temporary worker, who works under the supervision of the user company.

For information visit the site www.indiastaffingfederation.com
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