InnovSource which is a market leader in providing innovative and best-fit solutions to its clients came up with an idea of starting a project on “online job referrals” called JOBEX.


JobEx stands for “Job Exchange”. It is an online referral-recruitment portal. There are 3 main entities in the JobEx model. They are Core recruiters, JobEx recruiters and referral candidates.


The working population to refer their friends & family members to job openings available on JobEx. On every successful referral the referring person stood to get “cash rewards”.



An emphasis on employee development, a collaborative culture, extensive training and progressive benefits contributed to the strong performance of Innovsource - the best among staffing firms in India


JobEx operates 24X7; 365 days, on a unique online job referral platform customized to the needs and policies of Innov. The software works on the KISS principle (Keep it simple and straight); which means that the system is easy to use. This world class online system is supported offline, by the network of Innov branches across India, thus creating synergizing the advantages of online and offline.

The process are documented and in accordance with the ISO 9001-2008 standard requirements. This ensures that all changes (if any) are well documented and informed to all the relevant stake holders. This makes JobEx “process-oriented” rather then “people oriented”. However people are an essential part of the JobEx process to ensure the “end customer satisfaction” (i.e. JobEx recruiter and Innov client)


JobEx Overall Process

  • Innov I gets the “Requirements” from companies – which comprise the job market.
  • Innov I floats these requirements to the JobEx Recruiters.
  • JobEx Recruiter searchers from personal network for a “right fit” candidate.
  • JobEx Recruiter posts the resume to the matching requisition in the JobEx engine.
  • Innov I validates resumes and sends to the appropriate client.
  • Candidate is selected as a “right fit”.
  • JobEx recruiter gets his payout.

Today, JobEx is  the world’s first Referral Recruitment Engine.  having over 11,000 registered members, across more than 139 locations in India. JobEx members include individuals and institutions from working executives, educated housewives, small-time placement agencies, educational and vocational training institutes, placement offices of colleges, and senior management. This fast growing model of recruitment is the future of the recruitment business.

Innovsource will be looking at developing JobEx by partnering with small manpower consultants and increase  scope of business.

JobEx will focus on creating a strong presence in small towns where there is an immense growth potential. A lot of companies have and will be expanding their business in small towns. They will require a huge influx of manpower shortly. JobEx members thus cater to the large number of openings. As Innov is planning to expand its services to many more verticals, we expect to increase JobEx members to 50,000 over the next three years.


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