Pickers & Packers and Office & Store Assistant

In industries like retail, logistics, wholesale or manufacturing warehouses, distribution centers, etc. office & store assistant and pickers & packers plays an important role in any successful operation of the industry. Therefore, the team of two makes a lot of difference to the efficiency and the productivity of your concerning department.

We also know pickers & packers as Pick-Packers, order pickers, or warehouse picker. As their work, is to pick and pack the order and to make it ready for transportation. But pick-packers won't be able to do the work effectively and smoothly unless the office & store assistant don't perform their task efficiently.

Many workers are working tirelessly to perform their functions efficaciously during peak time. You will keep your customers happy when there is job satisfaction that comes from building healthy and loyal relations with the customers and by helping the company through exceptional services.

Job description:

Innovsource is one of the top-tier and leading manpower service provider known for its exceptional and outstanding customer service and technological advancement. If you are looking for the job opportunity to work and provide you services to the above industries, then you can apply for the pickers & packers jobs and office & store assistant jobs.

We are looking for an upstanding, efficient, focused, and hardworking pick-packer and office-store assistant, ready to work with accuracy and under pressure. Higher the level of your work more will be the height of your success. If you are seeking pickers & packers jobs in Bangalore and pickers & packers jobs in Mumbai and also if you want to do a job in Bangalore and searching office & store assistant jobs in Bangalore and office & store assistant jobs in Mumbai, then you are standing on the right place.


Pickers & Packers Jobs:

  • To ensure that the work areas kept neat and well-organized.
  • To pack incoming stocks, to take inventory, and to report a shortage of any product.
  • To maintain records of incoming and outgoing shipments.
  • To pick orders as requested by management.
  • To keep products separated, organized, and in good rotation.
  • To Lift, wrap, label, and load products for shipping.
  • To obey and follow the safety protocols of the company.
  • Meets specifics of customer orders within a deadline.
  • To monitor product quality regularly and to report problems to reduce safety issues.
  • To Operate various equipment like Dolly Loader, Pallet Wrapper, Forklift, Electrical Pallet Jacks, etc, and report if any mechanical problem.
  • Follow manufacturing practices and other safety regulations.
  • To pick and pack orders quickly and accurately.

Office & Store Assistant Jobs Responsibilities:

Office Assistant:

  • To handle incoming calls and other communications
  • Update paper work, maintain documents, and word processing.
  • To process, sort, and route incoming & outgoing mail.
  • To manage and monitor inventory of office supplies
  • To order and distribute office supplies as needed.
  • Coordinate and schedule appointments and meetings.
  • To perform other administrative support tasks, like updating and sorting files, drafting, proofreading correspondence, and conducting research, etc.
  • Create, maintain, and feed information into databases.

Store Assistant:

  • To make the customer's experience delightful at the store.
  • To assist the store manager.
  • To manage systems & store operations.
  • To ensure stock availability and visibility in-store.
  • To Process and Receive Shipment.
  • To perform Store Opening and Closing Tasks.
  • To facilitate transactions and to ensure daily cash deposits.


For Pickers & Packers Jobs:

  • Efficiency in work.
  • Procedural Knowledge
  • Attention to Detail
  • Flexibility in working hours
  • Physical Strength and stamina
  • Able to work efficiently under pressure.
  • Hand-eye coordination.
  • Listening skills

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For Office & Store Assistant Jobs:

  • Interpersonal communication
  • Customer-service skills
  • Time management
  • Excellent Communication Skills.
  • Strong attention to details
  • flexible and capable of prioritizing upcoming tasks
  • Computer Savvy
  • Work under supervision.

Educational Qualifications:


  • There is no formal qualification required.
  • High School or GED or Equivalent qualification.

Office & Store Assistant

  • High School Diploma or GED or Equivalent.
  • Bachelor's Degree in any discipline or Associate's Degree.

Experience Required:


  • No prior experience required.
  • 6 months of retail or customer service experience (preferred)
  • Familiar with Radio Frequency equipment (preferred)

Office & Store Assistant:

  • Entry-level - less than 1-year experience
  • Early career-1-4 years of experience
  • Mid-career- 5-9 years of experience
  • Experienced Office Assistant- 10 years and above

Working Hours:

For Pick-packers

If you want to choose this field as your job then you should be ready to work for flexible hours and shifts. Usually, the work of pick-packers is the shift or rotational basis.

For Office & Store Assistant:

The office & store assistant work regular office hours during the week but some of the businesses require the assistant to work for flexible hours or on weekends.


For Office & Store Assistant:

Based on the experience level, the salary bar starts from an average of INR 1.5 Lac Per Annum including tips, bonuses, and overtime pay and it will increase with the increase in years of experience.

For Picker & Packers:

The entry-level pick packers (1-3 yrs of experience) expect an average salary that starts from INR 2.8 Lac per annum approx. whereas, the senior level picker/packer earns an average salary INR 4.5 Lac Per annum approx.


Picker & Packers:

Warehouse, Logistics, Information Technology, Pharmaceutical, distribution centers, E-commerce Company, Retails, Shipping Industries, Amazon, Nike, eBay, Staffing Solutions, etc.

Office & Store Assistant:

Education, Law, Medicine, Government Sector, Retail, Trading Companies, IT Services, Banking Sector, Consultancy Services, E-Commerce, etc. Career Progression:


After having experience as Pick-packers you can become a supervisor or shift leader. With further training, you will work in quality control and then move into delivery work.

Office and Store Assistant:

Store Assistant: Assistant --> Senior Assistant --> Supervisor Branch-in-charge --> Manager

Office Assistant: Office Assistant --> Supervisory Roles --> Office Manager/Administrative Assistant.

If you are searching for office & store assistant jobs in Bangalore and office & store assistant jobs in Mumbai. Also, we are providing

opportunity as pickers & packers jobs in Bangalore and pickers & packers jobs in Mumbai. We aim to build your future so that you can live your dreams.

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