General Staffing

At Innov, we strive to enable organisations to be industry leaders by delivering high-impact end-to-end temporary staffing solutions to build a competent workforce.

Owing to uncertainties in business and fluctuating industry demands, our general staffing services solve the manpower challenges posed by scaling up and down of business, enabling you to bring in additional resources when most needed and release them upon project completion.

Furthermore, we realize solving manpower demands alone may not be enough to streamline business processes. In this endeavour, we also supply and operate infrastructure, govern SLAs pertaining to service efficiency, project fulfilment and more.

Addressing a range of general staffing challenges


Manpower Solutions

Sourcing, Onboarding, People management and Payroll Management of skilled and semi-skilled staff

Payroll Outsourcing

Online and offline management of Payrolling and Statutory Compliances

Infrastructure Supply and Management

Provisioning, operations and maintenance of IT and office infrastructure associated with manpower requirements

Why Innov

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    We design customised solutions blending human touch and cutting-edge technology to save costs, mitigate risks and improve the overall efficiency of your business processes.
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    We’ve built our business understanding the needs, analysing gaps and improving processes of many leading organisations over 15 years.
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    We enable you to tap in to a large pool of professionals and industry experts who’re thoroughly sourced and rigorously screened to best suit your requirements.
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    We provide training, induction and other necessary resources whenever necessary.