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Finding the right employee for your organization can be a debilitating task. Despite trying every method to find the correct match, something or the other lacks in that selected employee. One of the common reasons behind landing with an imperfect candidate for your company is because the permanent recruitment service provider you hired is incompetent as well. It takes a great deal in finding the right candidate for an organization, and that is evident from Innov - The Manpower Outsourcing Company. 

About Innov - Your Permanent Recruitment Provider

Innov has successfully served more than 1,200 companies by providing them with permanent recruitment solutions. We are competent in catering to a wide range of companies requiring distinctive qualities in a candidate. For instance, a company in the quest for marketing executives will require a candidate who is an expert in communications, client handling, management and has a problem-solving attitude. 

Innov is one of the manpower staffing services that attend to an array of companies like pharma, IT, engineering, BFSI, media and entertainment, aviation, tech space, E-commerce, logistics, infrastructure, government, education, and more.

Range of Permanent Recruitment Approaches Incorporated by Innov

Innov has consistently ensured a seamless process of hiring candidates. We have our tailor-made process of hiring that is done by human resource personnel having extensive experience. We ensure productivity in our permanent recruitment procedure through the following solutions.

1. Innov Offering Permanent Recruitment Assistance till Mid-level

Innov is one of the manpower staffing services that is focused on hiring candidates who are not only adept but also enthusiastic about providing consistent results throughout their tenure. We believe in persistent quality, which is only achievable through promising candidates who are eager to learn. We only choose candidates who already have a perceivable idea of the sector or someone is interested in knowing. We streamline the selection process through the following specific steps:

  • Sourcing candidates
  • Screening, interview, coordination, and offer-letter
  • Lastly, requisition management

2. Innov Offering Permanent Recruitment of Senior Level

Our firm has gained reputation through all these years because we make exhaustive searches for filling the leadership roles. The senior level designations of all organizations require a person who is growth-oriented, dynamic, and have extensive knowledge of their role. Innov is an expert in providing permanent recruitment solutions across these roles - Marketing, HR, finance, legal, accounts, and similar corporate roles. The following are certain features of Innov:

  • Searching for managers or leaders who are distinctive in their approaches
  • Teaming up with some winning leadership teams
  • Innov is a trusted search partner for finding leaders for Indian organizations 

3. Innov is a Trusted RPO Partner

Being one of the famous manpower staffing services , Innov is involved in uncomplicating the most tiring hiring process of your organization. From 100 to 10, 000, we will bring the most effective and energetic candidates for your company. Our approaches are calculated ones that involve scalable. The following are some of the features that are present in Innov as an RPO partner.

  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Candid Selection
  • Tech-led Value-added solutions

4. Innov Offers Timely Deliveries

Since we function from the client’s premises, we consider a specific approach for the same. 

  • Firstly, the client shares their requirements on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Secondly, we allot the requirements based on the priority
  • Thirdly, we allot 3 employees as off-site members to attend the sourcing, screening, and interview scheduling. Another 2 to 4 employees to handle the interview process at the client’s place.
  • Fourthly, the onsite team members handle the managerial activities, and the offsite ones follow it up with prospective candidates
  • Lastly, successful onboarding at the client’s organization.   

Innov has worked with over 15 industries over the years. We have strived to provide some of the difficult human resource solutions for numerous companies. Our organization has become one of the most note-worthy permanent recruitment service providers across India for all these reasons. 


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  • Hiring top talent with consistent focus on turn-around time and quality
  • Delivery anchored around deep sector understanding & sourcing excellence to delivery
  • Designing successful solutions through deep understanding of our client’s businesses and appreciation for the significant challenges they face in many complex areas

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We are an Exclusive/Retain Search business firm focusing on Senior Leadership Search ranging from C – One, Two & Three Levels, with specializations across various Industry Verticals. We are a functional specialist in hiring for HR, Finance, Accounts, Marketing, Legal & other corporate functions.


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As a partner operating from client premises, we follow the below solution model & delivery process flow.


As a premier RPO solutions provider, we are adept at turning the most complex hiring challenges into simple, predictable and scalable solutions that deliver every time. Whether you’re hiring 100 or 10,000, we take a strategic approach to deliver RPO solutions that are firmly aligned to your business objectives.


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