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With the job market being volatile than ever, the number of candidates looking for jobs has increased exponentially after mass layoffs last year. Companies faced staffing shortages and fell into bankruptcy.

With the situation getting a bit better this year, companies are again offering jobs to potential candidates that fit the roles. At innov, we help you make a comeback with a bang.

For experienced individuals that lost their jobs, we welcome you to join us as you can get access to thousands of jobs in your sector. Whether it is business, hospitality or nursing, we have an opening for everyone!

5 mins sign up process!

We do not bore you with too many documentations or a long verification process. We have set up a quick sign up process for our candidates!

Sign up with your email or social media account and upload your resume. Complete the following steps where we ask you, your job preferences to help us provide you with some personal job recommendations.

The entire process nearly takes about 5 mins! 5 mins with the top consulting firms in India, will help you get access to hundreds of job openings!

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Get personalised job recommendations

We are not the top consulting firms in India for no reason. We provide our candidates with personalised job recommendations but this is different from the kind of job recommendation you receive from other job portals.

Apart from our algorithm, our team of experts screen each and every profile to find jobs that fit the job profile of the candidate. We shortlist jobs and recommend these to you, which is why we have a 100 per cent placement rate. Our recommendations tend to be highly accurate.

Innov, the top job consulting firms in India, we do the job hunting for you

Job hunting is stressful. Some are lucky to land jobs, some find it hard to land jobs despite applying to several companies. Where does the problem lie? The problem lies in your cv.

Candidates often do not realize that the CV should not just highlight your experiences, but it should also highlight your core strength and your interest so that the company has some kind of an idea as to what kind of a person you are.

Innov, top job consulting firms in India, helps you create a strong resume that not only highlights your strength but manipulates your weakness to make it seem like your strength as well. Our resume experts will screen your CV and help you rectify the mistakes to make your CV impactful.

We are constantly in touch with companies that are currently hiring fresh talents or professionals. We will use our connections to help apply to job openings before anyone else gets a whiff about the openings. This way you land lucrative jobs!

Receive personal training from our experts

Our in house experts include professionals having different backgrounds. Their different backgrounds allow them to shed light on the workings of various sectors as you get some idea about how it is like to work in the field.

Candidates are always encouraged to reach out to us if they have any questions or need any help.

We not only build your resume but we also prepare you for interviews. Receive tips and tricks from us regarding how to successfully crack an interview to land your dream job at your dream company!

We are amongst the top job consulting firms in India for 20 years!

We have been sitting on the throne as the top consultancy firm in India, for 20 years now! Our approach to connecting job hunters with recruiters gives us an edge over other consultancy firms.

We attempt to understand both the firm and the candidate before we recommend the job to the candidate. We pick the best talent out of the talent pool after spending enough time studying the company rules and policies. This allows us to have an idea about the work culture and the motto of the company.

All kinds of jobs available!

Are you a mother who wants to restart your career? Do not worry, at innov we can help you find part-time jobs that not only pay well but you can also balance your work life and family life!

Candidates can also find contractual works and permanent jobs. Recently, work from home jobs has become highly popular. More and more people are telecommuting daily, due to the flexibility of this kind of job.

Sign up with us, and you can get thousands of work from home job opportunities! Unlike the job portals, you do not have to worry about getting scammed. We do not deal with scammers.

We only offer genuine job openings. We have tied up with top most companies to offer placements to candidates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are a consultancy firm who helps provide manpower to companies both big and small.

Yes, we do offer apprenticeship programs. If you are looking for an apprenticeship program, you have to mention that when we ask for your job preference.

If you get hired for the job, you will receive an offer letter from the company itself. Innov does not provide any offer letters.

No there is no registration free. Registration is free for job seekers.

Our main office is in Mumbai, but we operate in other major cities outside Mumbai as well.