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Innovsource, the leading Facility Management Company in Bangalore

We know how challenging it is to establish a business. And what’s even harder? Maintaining it!

A lot is required to run a company; every department requires manpower that can efficiently handle its work and responsibilities. The process of searching, hiring, and recruiting such human resources can be a long and tedious task. This is why we, at Innov, provide Integrated Facility Management Services to take care of this mighty task for you.


We are India’s Leading Facility Management Services Provider

Innovsource Facilities Pvt. Ltd, a faction of Innovsource, has been outsourcing notable companies and businesses with essential manpower and facility services. We provide fully integrated facility management services that take care of staffing across all departments as well as services for your establishment.

Innov offers a varied range of assistance - be it technical aid, general staffing, maintenance, and more - after carefully assessing your needs for your workspace.

What Makes Innovsource Unique?

We’re the package deal! From ambiance to staffing, we do it all.

Your Needs are our #1 Priority

As one of the most sought-after Facility Management Companies, we are aware of the central functions that help run a workplace smoothly.

For us, clients’ needs are the most crucial aspect of our job, and providing services that will increase your productivity is our ultimate goal. We do not want to waste your precious time looking for workers in the management section; we take responsibility for you.

We Provide a Myriad of Management Services

At Innovsource, a premium Facility Management Services Provider, we are dedicated to covering every aspect of management. Some of our facility management services are listed below:

  1. Soft Services:

    These are typically services that make a workplace more hospitable. These services include housekeeping, cleaning, pantry management, car parking, decorating and artistic enhancements, garden management, guest house management, and more.

  2. Hard Services:

    These are the services that take care of critical technical aspects of building management. Innov provides workers and teams for hard services like waste management, electrical requirements, minor civil work, handyman services, plumbing, fire safety, etc.

  3. Support Services:

    These are your support staff that handles all your daily tasks. Be helpdesk or front desk officials, concierge, emergency medical staff, office boys, or administrative management workers, we’ve got you covered with top-class employees.

  4. Pest Control Services

    If you want to get rid of pesky insects and creatures, you can have staff dedicated just for that. Be it any space - commercial or residential- all your termite and mold issues, and disinfection treatment will be taken care of.

  5. Enterprise Facility Management:

    We are one of the most trusted Facility Management Companies, and we have a specific faction that is dedicated to catering to professional workspaces. These include legal functions, finance, IT and Infra support, MIS and reporting, staffing and operations, and more- essentially all that is needed to make an enterprise run effortlessly.

At Innovsource, we do our research, and yours too!

As a Facility Management Services Provider which has over 350 clients and 75,000 associates, we believe that it is our duty to find the best employees for the job. Our recruitment process is meticulous; we are very particular about who we hire.

Furthermore, we take into account your requirements so that we can outsource the right workforce for you and your enterprise. We are one of the most trustworthy Facility Management Companies, we do not compromise on quality, and we strive to achieve perfection through the manpower we provide to our clients. We leave no stone unturned.

Management Should Not be A Headache; Switch to Innov’s Integrated Facility Management Services Now!

We are creating a new future through our work. Come join us in the journey toward trouble-free, painless facility management!

Our Facility Management Services

Soft Services


Housekeeping | Mailroom | Landscaping | Indoor Floral Arrangement | Pantry | Guest House Mgmt. | Deep Cleaning

Technical Services


Operation & Maintenance Services | Handyman Services | Minor Civil Work | Waste Management | Water & Drainage Management | EHS Audit | Fire Safety, Electrical & Security Audit

Support Services


Helpdesk | Front Desk | Concierge | Office Boys | EMS Operations | Change & Move Management | Reprographics | Admin & Purchase Management | CAM & Administration

Pest Control Services


Residential Spaces | Commercial Spaces | Institutional Spaces | Bird Control | Mold Treatment | Termite Treatment

Enterprise Facility Management

Property & Legal


  • Property identification
  • Negotiation for rent and deposit
  • Legal agreement execution for lease
Financial Management


  • Management of Utility Bills & Payments
  • Petty Cash Mgmt.
  • CAPEX investments
MIS & Reporting


  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Reports
  • Custom Reports on demand
IT & Physical Infra


  • Support on IT Infra needs
  • Interior design & furnishing
  • Housekeeping
  • Pest control
  • Repair & Maintenance Activities
  • Electrical Audits
  • Energy Usage Conservation
Staffing & Operations


  • Staffing as per requirement
  • Payroll Management
  • Staff appreciation
  • End-to-End solution for running daily operations
  • Proposal approvals from client as per SLA definition

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