The Future of Attendance Tracking is Here!

Where technological evolution has disrupted and transformed many business processes, the HR space has tremendous scope for digitization and automation. Enter DigiTrac – Innov’s cutting-edge solution to simplify attendance tracking of your associates.

Leverage the power of a well-defined, centralized and digitized solution that will cut down on the time and effort spent in executing routine HR-related tasks, such as:

  • Coordinating, following up and gathering attendance data in excel sheets
  • Organizing them in folders with no centralized access and at the risk of data loss
  • Exhausting offline approval process with little assurance on the authenticity of data

DigiTrac – Features

  • Log Your Visit – Premise-based (GPS-enabled) tracking
  • Attendance from anywhere
  • Awake tracking
  • Attendance signoff for invoicing
  • An HRMS to manage your workforce
  • Associate self-service

The Measurable Value That Comes with DigiTrac

  • Completely paperless
  • All attendance data in one place
  • Managed by Innov (support in data collection and invoicing)
  • Interactive, engaging and user-friendly (boosts employee experience)
  • Access to data anywhere, anytime

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