Going Beyond Traditional Manpower Solutions


We are a total workforce solutions provider that goes beyond just deploying manpower, but also training, executing and governing the workforce to ensure a seamless, cost-effective and productivity-centred project experience to our clients.

Within iManage, the Managed Services division at Innov, we build state-of-the-art, outcome-based manpower solutions ranging from merchant acquisition, customer KYC, ATM service, FinTech deployment, warehouse management, SCM/Logistics and audit services - to new market launches, B2B activations and end-to-end fleet on .

A True Partner in Development & Transitions

We deliver all the advantages of our staff augmentation services, but with greater oversight and strategic value. We create high-impact, tech-enabled solutions with defined outcomes, process excellence and real-time visibility into the operations, eventually becoming a true partner in the development, deployment and transitioning process.


BFSI Sector Solutions


Merchant Acquisition (POS/EDC)

Lead generation | Sales KYC Documentation | Onboarding


POS/EDC Field Service

KYC Documents Collection | POS Installation & Activation | POS Terminal Repair & Replacement


POS/EDC Sales Call Centre

Technical Support | Merchant Grievance & Support | Software Activation


ATM Services

Space Sourcing | ATM Maintenance | AMC | Merchandising



QR Code Installation & Activation | Merchant Acquisition | Merchandising

E-Commerce Sector Solutions

E-Commerce Sector Solutions
Software Engineer Jobs

B2B Activation

Lead generation | KYC Documentation | Onboarding & Registration | Partner Engagement Program | Wellness & Beauty Activation

Staffing Solutions

Fleet Management

Fleet Activation and End-to-End Management | Transport Driver

App Promotions

App Promotions

Promotion of Mobile Application (B2C) Market Penetration

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

First Mile Delivery

Pickup From Merchants | Replacements

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Site Identification | Acquistion | Compliance |Safety | Stocking | loading/unloading | Packaging | Operations

Bpo Jobs in Mumbai

Inbound Logistics

Transport, Storage and Dispatch of Incoming Goods

Recruitment Consulting Services

RFID, Stock Management, Loading/Unloading

Code Generation | tagging | Bagging | Dispatch | Loading & Unloading

Mis Executive Jobs


Packaging of materials as per the orderslip

Warehouse Jobs

Last Mile Delivery

Delivery of Goods at Customerís Address

Retail Sector Solutions

Retail Sector Solutions

Launch, Smapling & Field Promotions

  • Product Launch Campaigns
  • Sampling at Outless & Customer Footfall Areas
  • Promotions via Print/Meida and Field Campaigns
  • Door-to-Door Promotions and Sampling

Visual Merchandising

  • Pos Displays
  • Signage Solutions
  • In-Store Creatives and Window Displays
  • Exhibition Displays and kiosk Deployment
In-Store Engagement

In-Store Engagement

  • In-Shop Demonstration
  • Counter Manning

Retail Audit

  • Mystery Shopper Audits
  • Brand Compliance Audits
  • Inventory Audits
  • Multi-Brand Outlet (MBO) Audits

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