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Companies are often plagued with staffing shortages or manpower issues. With high attrition rates and thousands of job seekers with nearly identical job profiles, it is becoming harder and harder day by day to find the right candidate for the job.

While big sized firms can handle the situation with lakhs of employees and a good HR department, most mid-size and small-sized firms tend to suffer because of the lack of a competent HR senior. But the days of struggle are over because now you can hire our professional recruitment services.

Our role is quite similar to the HR, in the sense, that keep in the lookout for fresh meats in the job seekers pool who can add to the company, but with additional benefits. We offer additional services like attendance tracking software!

Our recruitment services are perfect for startups

For startups or small companies who are still trying to establish themselves, with no HR department and with zero hiring experiences, our recruitment services can help you a great deal in finding the right candidate for the vacant position in the company.

Companies with zero hiring experiences are more likely to make a blunder when hiring candidates. With our professional recruitment services and our expert knowledge in the field, we will make sure that the hiring process goes by without any hiccups.

We filter out lakhs of applicants

Filtering out thousands of applications is a mammoth task. We are ready to take this responsibility off you and do the heavy lifting. Hiring our professional recruitment servicing will help you lessen the burden.

Our team will screen every candidate before recommending them to you. This is especially important for freshers. We do their background checks and ask all the necessary questions to ensure that the company does not face any problem later on.

Our goal is to ensure that your company has a smooth sail. We offer a variety of services from the deployment of manpower to other management software that can help manage the employees better.

Recruitment Services company services

General staffing

A company is made by the people, which is why we solve your staffing problems by providing you with general staffing solutions. As a recruitment services company, we are reliable. As new talents keep coming to us in search of jobs, we will always have a large number of candidates to fill up the position in your company.

Facility management

As a recruitment service company, we specialise in facility management services. We focus on providing recruitment services for areas like financial management, staffing and operations, IT and physical infra, MIS and reporting and property and legal.

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Apprentice hiring

Offering apprenticeship programs have proven to be beneficial for both the companies and the apprentice. Since companies do not have to spend extra money on the teaching tools they are more than willing to accept apprentices by offering than on the job training and a small stipend during the training period.

This also ensures that the workforce is retained for the company and the apprentice us hired for a full-time position. Several companies have tied up with us to select apprentices for their programs.

You can also be one of them. Stop relying on job boards, and hire Innov, Recruitment Services company to make the process quicker. Wrap up the hiring process within a few weeks with our help!

Realize the full potential of your business and meet targets with the right recruits

Skills and experience are both highly important, but what is more important than that is finding the right candidate who expresses interest in your field and working in your company and has a profile that exactly matches the job requirements. With our 19 years of knowledge of deploying recruits, we can easily analyze profiles and select a few that suits the job profile to the T.

Save your time and your money on training candidates that are not made for the role. Hire us and you will find that it was worth it!

Our exclusive services for our clients

We are not simply a consultancy firm that helps connect job seekers and employers. We are more than that. We seek to make the process of hiring easier for the companies because we realise how important it is for the company to have the right people backing the firm.

We offer Digital which is an attendance tracking software that can help you track the attendance of your employees with ease. Not only that, the software allows you to create invoices, awake tracking and has a self-help guide for associates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is pretty easy to apply to jobs. All you need is to sign up with us. Create an account, upload your CV and create your job profile or choose your preferences and apply to the available jobs.

For job seekers, no you do not have to pay any fee. Our services are forever going to be free for you.

We have tied up with several hundreds of companies to help them recruit fresh talents on the market. From big to small, we have all the companies looking to hire you!

No, we are just the middleman. We will help you by recommending a job that fits your job profile. If you manage to get hired, well congratulations, you will get the offer letter from the company itself!

We have been forging connections between firms and recruits for over 19 years now. We have built a strong presence in the entire Indian subcontinent. Yes, we are very much reliable!