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BPO or business process outsourcing is a fast-growing industry. Bpo companies or outsourcing companies that are offering specialized services to firms are growing every day in numbers. As the numbers are growing, the demand for recruits are also increasing.

There are plenty of bpo jobs in Mumbai but which company is the right one for you? Innov helps out job seekers like you to land bpo jobs in Mumbai.

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Are you feeling lost after graduation? Do you want to start a career in bpo but do not know where to start? At innov we help freshers like you land bpo jobs in Mumbai for freshers.

We have tie-ups with several top bpo companies that frequently goes on a recruitment spree. If you are looking for a job on your own, it can be quite hectic, as these jobs can get buried under other new job openings on job portals and you have a high chance of missing out on them!

Hiring our services will give you an extra edge over other candidates. We provide special attention to freshers and our tie-ups allow us to have first-hand knowledge about the company, the working environment and also we are the first one to know that the company is soon going to hire new talents.

Being a part of innov will help you apply to these positions at the earliest. Our team will guide you through the entire process. We will help you create your resume and rectify mistakes on your current resume to make it even more impactful.

We will provide tips on how to crack interviews for bpo jobs in Mumbai for freshers successfully. With us, your chance of landing your first job bpo jobs in Mumbai for freshers increases tenfold!

Mothers and housewife Kickstart your bpo career with us!

Currently, bpo jobs in Mumbai work from home is one of the most popular jobs. Due to the pandemic, more and more bpo companies are offering full-time work from home positions to maintain social distancing.

The full-time bpo jobs in Mumbai work from home can be a great way to kickstart your career if you are a housewife or a mother. The flexibility of the job and the telecommute will allow you to juggle both your career and your family life.

Balance out both your home life and work-life with our help. At innov, we have successfully helped many women restart their career and be financially independent. Now it's your time! Sign up with us and start earning!

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Do you provide permanent jobs or contractual jobs?

At innov, we provide both. After you create your profile with innov, we will ask you about your job preferences so that we can give you a better personal recommendation if there are any job openings in your field.

We provide both permanent jobs as well as contractual bpo jobs in Mumbai work from home. You can apply to both.

Please note, that we only connect you to the company and keep you notified with current openings in the bpo sector. We do not offer you any offer letter, it is provided by the company itself if they hire you for the role.

What is the salary package?

The salary package will differ according to the seniority level and the position you are applying for. For the mid to seniority level, you will receive a higher salary package and for entry-level bpo jobs, you will get the entry-level salary package.

The salary package also differs from company to company. You can state your salary preference and we will recommend your jobs accordingly.

We are present all over India

Although our main office is in Mumbai, we have branches in all the major cities in India. You can filter our jobs based on cities or can even search for jobs near you, locally.

We have grown over the years and along with us, our clients have also grown. We help you realise your true potential. We are one of the best consultancy firms in India for freshers as well as for experienced job seekers.

Be a part of innov and steer clear of frauds

Recruitment frauds are very common. Freshers who have no prior experience and are very new to the job-hunting market are usually the victims. Save yourself from recruitment frauds by sign-up to our services.

We are a reliable company, with 20 years of experience in the industry. We know the job market inside and out and our knowledge about different companies will help you crack the interview process in the very first attempt.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our services are completely free for job seekers. We do not charge a single dime from you.

We have agreements in place with companies that choose to tie up with us to manage their staffing issues.

Yes, the job offers are a hundred per cent genuine! We do not engage in fraudulent activities neither do we intend to deceive you.

Our sole motto is to help connect recruiters with job seekers.

We recommend your jobs. Then you follow the recruitment process as mentioned by the company, whether that involves appearing for interviews or completing online assessment tests.

The companies that you apply to, will send you an offer letter if they hire you for the position at the company. We are not authorised to send you an appointment letter.

We have partnered up with several bpo companies not just in Mumbai but nationwide.