Attendance Tracking System

While technological advancements have transformed many business processes, the HR sector still has tremendous scope in automation and digitization. In a typical company, there are hundreds of employees who come to work every day. It becomes monotonous and cumbersome to manually take the attendance of each employee offline. Innov's attendance tracking system, DigiTrac, gives the solution to simplify the attendance tracking of the associates for your company. It is a mobile attendance tracking system that acts as a human resources management system to manage your company's workforce.

Benefits of Attendance Tracking System

With this DigiTRAC, your company no longer needs to gather employee attendance data in excel sheets or organize them in folders. DigiTRAC completely eliminates the offline approval process of attendance, where there is less authenticity of data. This also prevents the risk of data loss. Since it is a mobile attendance tracking system, DigiTrac gives the employees the benefit of logging their attendance from anywhere. It also has a GPS tracking feature to assist field employees to find client location and vice-versa. These functions help in reducing errors and prevent litigation costs which may arise from non-compliance.

User Friendly and Interactive Attendence Tracking System

With no paperwork necessary, DigiTRAC is environment-friendly and easier to manage than the traditional methods. The attendance tracking system is interactive and user-friendly which also boosts the employee experience. All the attendance data is stored in one place, unlike the traditional system, which helps in accessing the data from anywhere and anytime. Employees also benefit from DigiTRAC's self-service system as it eliminates the need to contact HR with certain questions about pay or leave. DigiTRAC provides associate self-service which may solve all the queries of the employees as well as helps them be connected with their peers.

The attendance system, in general, has progressed from punch cards to registers and now, to mobile attendance tracking systems. DigiTRAC stands out for its technological advantage and for providing services that meet end-to-end HR needs of any organization. Innov's DigiTrac provides a well-defined centralized and digitalized solution that cuts down on the time and effort spent in HR-related tasks.

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