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We are a consultancy in Mumbai, offering staffing solutions to businesses that are facing staffing issues. A business is made by the people working in the company, and you have to keep that in mind when you are hiring someone for your organization. The candidate that you are considering for the role, may not be suitable for the role and this might directly affect the work efficiency.

As a consultancy in Mumbai, we help you solve these problems. We are here to assist you to find the right individual to help you achieve your business targets. When you have competent employees, that is when you can realise your targets with ease.

We do the heavy lifting

With thousands of candidates applying for a position at the company, it can be extremely burdensome for you to go through every profile and recruit the right individual. There is a high chance of you missing out on some candidate who could have done wonders for your company. Working with us will ensure that you never miss out on such gems.

We take the responsibility off your shoulders and scan thousands of profiles on your behalf to understand what kind of candidate you need. Our approach includes understanding the goals of the company before we refer to potential candidates for a position at your company. This approach of ours has made us one of the top placement agencies in Mumbai.

You can count us

We have been connecting firms with job seekers for a long time now. Our score in finding the perfect candidate to fill the vacant roles in companies has been a solid 10/10 for years now and it has helped us to become the top placement agencies in Mumbai.

Our work speaks for her. We offer various services for recruitment in various fields. Take a look at some of the services we provide.

General staffing

You need manpower to get the company going. We offer general staffing solutions to companies of all sizes be it startups or big enterprises. We pick the best talent out of thousands.

Permanent recruitment services

With uncertainty in the business sector always on the high, we offer staffing solutions that will help keep the company floating despite the trying times. Top talents avail our services to find their dream job at multinational companies across the globe.

We have a global reach which helps us find individuals that will help give your business an edge against other competitors in the industry.

Facility management

As the best job consultancy in Mumbai, we offer facility management services. You can find recruits for all kinds of industries, be it for soft services, pest control services or even technical services.

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Apprentice hiring services

We are not the best job consultancy in Mumbai for no reason. Apart from offering permanent jobs and contractual jobs, we also help individuals looking for apprenticeship opportunities.

The apprenticeship program is a skill-based training program which is beneficial for both the apprentice and the company offering the program. The apprentice receives a stipend and on the job training to be better prepared to work in the field after the training program is over.

What's more, is that the apprentice receives a government certificate after completing the program successfully. The companies benefit from using the same training tools and it also helps reduce freshers hiring.

We are present in every major state

The best job consultancy in Mumbai operates across several states in the subcontinent. Our presence in the major cities helps us to find major openings in companies and recruit potential candidates for the same.

Companies can find recruits in specific cities with the help of the best job consultancy in Mumbai.

Our knowledge about the market is our strength

The job market is volatile. Job seekers are huge in numbers but the number of openings is limited. Each industry is different and requires a different kind of approach when it comes to screening candidates and recruiting new talents.

As the top placement agencies in Mumbai, we have extensive knowledge about the job market. Our team has a keen understanding of different sectors and how they work. We use our knowledge to filter out profiles that include keywords and skills that are beneficial for the said sector.

It does not end with us deploying talents, we take care of the big talks which include salary package negotiation and career prospects in the company. Our service is unparalleled in the industry. We do not just help connect job seekers with recruiters will help forge a relationship that can be long lasting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are a consultancy firm. We help job seekers land jobs at reputable companies or organisation who are actively hiring at the moment.

Anyone who is over 18 years of age and wants to acquire a specific skill set and gain some valuable experience can apply for the apprenticeship program being offered by several companies. The apprentice will receive only a mere stipend during the training period.

Whether the apprentice becomes a full-time employee at the company or not will depend entirely on the company.

For candidates, there is no fee but for companies hoping to tie up with us to handle their manpower needs, we might ask for a small fee in exchange for our services.

Candidates can sign up and apply for the position. We will go through the profiles and select a few who we think fits the job profile and send it to the company.

If you are hired, you will receive an appointment letter directly from the company.