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Attrition rates are higher than ever. Companies are facing problems recruiting the right individuals to fill up the roles in the company within a given time. As a talent acquisition specialist, we help you solve staffing issues at your organization.

Whether it is a fresher that you are seeking or an experienced individual to fill up a senior position in your company, we, talent acquisition specialist, will always have your back.

For candidates looking for jobs, once you sign up with us, you can have access to thousands of jobs with just one click!

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What are the key factors that are crucial for a company? Funds? Sales targets? Yes, all these things matter but the employees also matter. If you do not have the right individuals working to build your brand, your company will suffer setbacks.

To realise the true potential of your company, you need to recruit the right talent. Our team of experts will sort through the hundreds of applications to find an individual that has the right set skills required for the role. We have a keen eye for fresh talent in the job market.

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For a new company that is in its nascent stages, the recruitment process can be cumbersome because of hundreds of applications and because the company does not have prior experience in hiring talents.

We have been helping firms pick the best talent from the talent pool for over 19 years now. We have provided talents for different roles and in different fields. We have extensive knowledge about the job market and the different industries.

We will be your guiding light when it comes to recruiting fresh talents. As we go through the job applications, we will recommend only a bunch of candidates who we know are better fitted for the role.

Gain quick access to talent acquisition specialist jobs

For candidates that are planning to become an HR, and are recent business graduates can start their career with our Talent Acquisition Specialist jobs. Our tie-ups with various companies give you access to Talent Acquisition Specialist jobs.

Companies are continuously hiring for individuals to fulfil HR duties. Job seekers can apply to as many openings there are without any restrictions.

HR is considered to be a very important position in the company. The role comes with a lot of bonuses and promotions! We have lots of opportunities open for freshers looking for Talent Acquisition Specialist job.

Search locally or globally!

Once you sign up, on your dashboard you will find job openings. If you want to search more specifically you can further filter out the results to look for job openings near you!

Apart from that, we take care of every candidate that signs up to avail our services. Our team screens your resume and keeps an eye out for jobs that match your profile and preferences. We take the extra step to recommend you a job that we think you can excel at!

What is the Talent Acquisition Specialist job that we provide?

We offer both contract-based and permanent jobs for job seekers.

Contract-based job

Contract-based job is temporary. You will be hired for a certain period and will continue to work with the company until your contract ends, and the company decides to renew it.

Permanent job

You can also find Talent Acquisition Specialist job permanent positions without help. Both big and mid-sized enterprises need a competent HR who help provide manpower to the company.

We have several companies working with us and availing our services to find recruits. Signing up to our platform will give you access to these companies and you will be able to apply to the position quickly without having to search for it on job portals.

Since you will be recommended by us, you have a higher chance of getting selected than the other candidates that are applying through job portals.

Our efforts will benefit both the parties

We offer our services to both companies and candidates. Innov, a consultancy firm, was founded with the idea to help bridge the gap between job seekers and recruiters.

Why waste time scrolling through thousands of job openings? Save your time and hire our services, you will be hired within a few weeks!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have signed up with us and has given your job preference, we will send you a personal recommendation if we find any job openings in your field.

After that, you follow the recruitment instructions as mentioned by the company. We are here to nudge you in the right direction.

Companies are looking for fresh talents throughout the year, and we help these companies to recruit talents. Our tie-ups with corporate companies help us to stay up to date about any current job openings.

For job seekers, yes our services are free. We do not ask for a fee or even your kidney in return. Our services are forever free for you, but for corporate clients, our services are not free.

It can take you around 2-3 weeks to get placed. We have been 100% successful in providing placements to job seekers a few days after hiring our services.

Yes, we do operate outside Mumbai. We have our offices in many other major cities in the subcontinent.