Improving the Diversity of Workforce for a Large MNC in E-Commerce

Client: A Large MNC In E-Commerce


The client wished to improve the diversity of their workforce in warehouses across 12 locations pan India, metro and tier 1 cities and sought Innov’s expertise in hiring.


Hiring women workforce required overcoming bunch of challenges.


Innov understood the need to make the process of sourcing to onboarding well-disposed to female candidates.

  • In addition to the regular sources, we’ve also reached out to NGOs focused on women empowerment and providing financial support to women
  • We have reached out to vocational and technical education institutes
  • We engaged with village administration (Sarpanch, Mukhyas) to mobilize more applicants
  • We have deposed female SPOCs to handle dedicated recruitment drives for female candidates and even provided transport facilities during the recruitment
  • We have counselled the candidates on the work and undertook site visits to make them familiar with job location


For a maiden project in hiring female candidates at warehouses, Innov successfully achieved a fill-rate of 93% and a retention rate of 90% across the job locations. Additionally, we received huge positive feedback on the associates with regards to attendance, productivity and retention.

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