7 tips to retain good employees in the workplace in 2022

7 Tips to Retain the Good Employees at the Workplace in 2022

01 April 2022

Today the biggest question every HR might be raising or thinking about is “How to retain people at the workplace?”

This is often seen among entry-level jobs, where the attrition rate of freshers is high. Employers are not lacking anywhere when it comes to providing regular training. Generally even after going through the training after 6 months or 1-year of work experience employees leave their jobs!

workforce working digitally in a staffing agency

There are various factors that influence these employees’ behaviour & decisions. To understand this we need to first understand the 3 revolutions.

  • Industrial Revolution: This revolution was the time when for employees the job was a necessity. To meet their basic needs like Food, Clothes & Shelter.
  • Information Revolution: This revolution has changed the way employees thinks & live their life. The employee got multiple options to choose a workplace & decide where to work? That has helped increase their standard of living & earn more through different options. The workplace or kind of work didn’t matter much but yes the income did matter to manage their daily expenses!
  • Digital & Social Revolution: This phase of the revolution is the one we live in. Today more than the standard of living the employee wants the quality of life, job satisfaction, workplace environment, role & responsibilities, opportunities, learning, rewards & much more.

Time has changed everything the way one thinks, the way one acts, the way one works, forecasts & plans. Salary & Standard of Living both are connected to each other but today more importance is given to the quality of life & job satisfaction by the employees. Below are 7 quick tips or ways you can retain employees at the workplace.

1.Hire the right people:

hire the best talent with a staffing agency

For any foundation, the base is the most essential element. If the base is strong enough there won’t be any casualties in the final output! In a similar way hiring the right talent at the workplace is the ultimate goal of the recruitment process & hiring manager. While doing so, make sure the Job Description is designed as per the requirement of the role and not copy-pasted from the internet. Every role & responsibilities are different from each other even though the designation remains the same.

If you are lacking in terms of hiring staff or expertise, get in touch with Staffing Agency they can help you with a tailored made & effective hiring strategy either for Permanent or Temporary Hiring. Staffing Company have their own expertise & experience they can provide you with the right manpower within a limited time frame.

2.Make Day 89th as important as 1st Day in the Onboarding Process:

During the onboarding process, take the extra step to make a positive first impression on the new employee. Create a process where the employee won’t feel lost & feel like he/she is a part of the organization for a long time. Introduce Buddy System, arrange team bonding exercises, and celebrate their contribution & success in work. Address their queries & support them in the operations whenever they are in the need!

treat employees in the right way, and care for them. They will stay with your organization for long.

3.Express why they Matter:

appreciate employees for their good work

Not only during the meetings or monthly reviews but on a regular basis if you think the employee is the right fit for the job, express yourself! Let them know you value their work, contribution & thoughts. It’s very important to acknowledge one’s work, we might not know what they might be missing out in their life to complete things on time. Take a moment & appreciate them.

4.Recognize & Appreciate your employees’ Hard/Smart work:

Saying it during a team meeting “We appreciate your work, well done! Keep it up!” & saying the same in an organization-wide announcement; the level of motivation that one employee can get through this is definitely high! Everybody likes to be appreciated and thanked for their hard work. When the workforce feels their contribution, efforts & work is been noticed, they are more likely to improve and continue their work & stay in the company.

recognize and appreciate your employee's hard and smart work

Offering perks along with certificates at the workplace can make your work stand out different to potential new hires and create a positive environment around your existing employees. Small gratitude can bring a big impact!

5.Create professional development opportunities:

create career growth and skill development process for employees with Innov

Your employees are already good at what they do, but somewhere even they want to enhance their skills & knowledge to become even better. Helping them meet their professional goals will create a more positive atmosphere around them & at the workplace. Promote, invest & give priority to the “learning while earning” concept, this will help you build potential new leaders for your organization & at the same time, it will help you increase employee engagement & employee retention rates.

6.Promote a good work-life balance:

The minimization of work-related stress is essential today, this is achievable & possible by creating a work pattern or a work lifestyle that helps employee maintain their health and general well-being. This can be achieved through various employee benefits such as creating flexible leave policies, promoting mental health plans, creating a family-work friendly work environment, offering incentives, stress management programs, retirement planning services, team-building exercises are just some of the examples of what your business might consider providing to employees.

create a working environment that promotes work-life balance - innov

7.Upgrade Your Equipment/Resources::

provide the best workstation to your employees as per the need of their work

Have a detailed analysis of your infrastructure, workstation, gadgets & software. Make sure the employee has not what he/she needs but they have what their work demands. If the employee carries a laptop with them on a regular basis, consider checking the weight of the laptop, to make their life easier. If their job role involves the requirement of specific hardware or software, make sure they have it ready with them. This will create a positive message that the company is ready to invest & are thinking about their employees & their work requirements.

If you expect them to give 100% in their work, give 100% support in the mandatory resources. This will help in achieving the organization’s goals, higher productivity, higher turnover & most important higher retention rate!

The 7 employee retention strategies outlined above are just some ways to help increase your team members’ job satisfaction. That includes staying current on market standards for salary and benefits, and best practices for developing an attractive workplace culture and strong manager-employee relationships.

How Innovsource can help?

Innovsource established in 2004, is one of the leading manpower solutions providers in India having fulfilled the end-to-end HR needs of 1200+ customers spread across 15+ industry sectors since inception.

Over the years, we at Innovsource have mastered the workforce business, focusing on every aspect, ranging from requirement mapping, sourcing, training & skilling, assessment, selection, onboarding, payrolling and statutory compliances.

If you’re looking to hire the best talent for your workplace, improve employee skill development, facility maintenance or HR Technology services, talk to our specialist today!

Know more about our solutions, share your requirement with us & our team of expert recruiters will get in touch with you!

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