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Why Outsource Blue-collar Workforce Hiring in India

22nd Aug 2022

Defining a Blue-Collar Employee:

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People who do manual labour are part of the "blue-collar" workforce. Blue-collar workers include those in the logistics industry, as well as those in the manufacturing and processing industries. This sector also includes the more labour-intensive fields of agriculture, landscaping, construction, and garbage collection. Industrialization could not have been accomplished without the hard effort of blue-collar workers. Workers in blue-collar professions, such as certified electricians and plumbers, are among the most highly skilled manual labourers despite a common misconception that they are unskilled labourers.

Worker retraining for new occupations in the blue-collar sector

The success of firms and their workforces depends on this movement toward higher levels of education and training. However, while artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are likely to render many hitherto human-performed, repetitive tasks obsolete, the very nature of technological innovation necessitates the development of novel competencies to manage, develop, and optimise the technology itself.

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Because of this, more and more people with traditional blue-collar backgrounds are being evaluated for and trained in digital and technological roles that benefit the entire telecom, logistics, and e-commerce sectors. But the opportunities being generated for the blue-collar segment in technology-enabled industries not only provide a whole new plethora of occupations, for the previously semi-skilled labourers.

Job market competitiveness is likely to remain high in 2023. According to the data, the percentage of the population that is of working age and actively seeking blue-collar employment is declining. Because of the limited number of potential workers, businesses may have a hard time finding and keeping staff.

Jobs in logistics are in high demand, closely followed by sales and customer service positions. In India, for every blue-collar job posted, there are 30 qualified applicants. Blue collar employment in logistics, shipping, and warehousing has increased dramatically as e-commerce has grown over the past decade. By 2023, social commerce will make up 13.1% of all e-commerce sales through channels such as Instagram.

In Logistics, There Is a Huge Need for Blue-Collar Workers

Blue-collar workers will play an increasingly important role in the years to come.

Gains in manufacturing employment accelerated in the second half of 2019, after having been relatively stagnant during 2018. Part of the expansion can be attributed to the rising need for oil drilling machinery.

More logistics experts, such as warehouse employees and truck drivers, will be needed as e-commerce continues to grow and the logistics industry struggles to fill open positions, especially amid COVID-19.

New Career Path: Upper-Level Manager in a Blue-Collar Industry

Only about a third of hourly workers are happy with their chances for promotion. Given the rising level of competition for top talent, it is essential to devise strategies to promote from within and provide assistance to employees in developing long-term career goals.

Giving people the opportunity to move up into executive positions in blue-collar fields has several advantages.

worker retraining for new occupations in the blue collar sector blog by innovsource

If their managers show genuine interest in them frequently, and if their co-workers are encouraged to showcase their unique skills and talents, those workers are less likely to become burned out.

Staff motivation is increased when they are provided with opportunities to develop their professional skills. The new manager will already be familiar with the company's products and services if you promote from the inside. Working one's way up the corporate ladder is a fast method to earn the trust and respect of one's peers.

Innovations in Blue-Collar Technology

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The majority of white-collar professionals (almost 70%) believe that technological advancements will have the greatest impact on the future. Procedural workers can contribute to the bottom line if they have access to the appropriate tools, technologies, and training. Laborers in the blue-collar sector will complement rather than compete with technological advancements. Smart warehouse technologies and online training resources aid warehouses in the industry 4.0 era, where logistics personnel are increasingly important.

Over the next five years, executives believe that technology will take over 39% of mundane work. More than two-thirds of all complicated decisions will still be made by individuals in blue-collar occupations. The next wave of blue-collar workers in logistics are tech-savvy, and they are entering the profession in large numbers. They've always had access to computers and mobile devices. Consequently, take advantage of their mix of soft and hard skills.

The use of technology can help you save time and money, and it can also expand your ability to find and hire new employees. Doing nothing will lead to discontent among the next generation of blue-collar workers with the status quo. Blue-collar workers, for instance, are more likely to use their smartphones than a computer when looking for work.

The problem of a declining blue-collar workforce won't go away quickly, but it may be mitigated. So, it's time to get more creative in meeting workers' demands, including advertising open positions online to draw in qualified people. Engage workers with an interest in technology by providing them with relevant training. Those that contribute the most to the team should be recognised, rewarded, and given opportunities for advancement.

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