Boost Your Typing Speed (WPM) and Accuracy: Essential Techniques for Rapid Improvement!

19th May 2023

Your typing skill will always benefit you. It will help you in your professional and personal life. It saves time and boosts your performance with the wisdom you gather through your high rate typing speed.

At a certain time, your touch on the keyboard speaks a lot if we can understand the keyboard properly. Because knowing the device with which you will play a critical role in increasing your efficiency. The hunt-and-peck typing may affect your typing and may lead to searching for the keys on your keyboard. Once you adopt the touch type, your efficiency will increase from 40 words per minute to 75 words per minute. The efficiency calculates the speed and quality both. When we start typing with the touch, we get rid of making mistakes. Here are a few tips that will help you increase your typing proficiency.

1. Fingers in the right place: If you have observed your keyboard, then two letters got a hump. One is the word F and the other is J. It signifies a critical key in the entire keyboard. Your right-hand ring finger would be on the top of the J - Key and the Left-hand index finger on the top of the letter F on your keyboard. The rest of your fingers will follow simultaneous words. Your touch and positioning of your finger will increase the efficiency. "A S D F " and "; L K J " is the convention that states the Home row which places all the fingers in a curved position. The convention will help you to memorize the keyboard by closing your eyes. Your efficiency level will increase when you rotate your fingers with variations from the starting position across the keyboard.

2. Raise your head high: We may not be wrong, but your mentors, friends, and elders have rightly said to keep your heads high. This position is beneficial in typing speed exercises. The more you look down, you will keep the tendency to search for the letter across the keyboard. Hence, it will decrease your speed and also hit the efficiency and productivity of your work. It is recommended not to look at your keyboard. On the other hand, it will start visualizing the position of the letters across the keyboard through blindfolds. Simultaneously, the posture will help you to work diligently and comfortably for hours at a stretch. Keep the spacebar of your keyboard at the central position so that it will be easy to navigate the computer keyboard without any stress. However, we are always aware that sitting straight on a chair with an upright position helps your blood circulation effectively while working.

3. Know your pace and put a target to achieve: It is necessary to evaluate yourself before running for something to achieve. Evaluation will always help you to understand your opportunity areas so that you can focus on the same to achieve perfection. There are typing speed tests free available on the internet that will help you to check your typing speed free of cost. They measure your typing speed and will also let you know about the accuracy. Once, you are aware of your results, it will be easier for you to gauge your objective within a timeframe. Efficiency will increase if you regularly monitor your progress. At the same time, you would also get accustomed to typing speed challenges within yourself and with your peers and colleagues.

4. Practice will make you perfect: Remember the famous phrase all the time and especially when you are talking about typing skills. Practice and practice will one day yield you finer and the best results. The moment you start typing by following the same strategy, you will get to see the results sooner. There is a known sentence in English that will help you to practice the convention across the keyboard.

"The Quick Brown Fox Jumped over a Lazy Dog hastily"

Try typing the Sentence with one go and you will explore all the letters at a stretch. The short phrase covers all the letters from a to z and the QWERTY keyboard helps you to explore all the keys with the touch of your fingertips. However, it may not include all the semicolons, colons, and Full stops along with other functional keys. This sentence is a mantra for almost all old-school people, that they had learned before the internet was available at every door. However, typing training is now available on the internet through various tools, that will help your fingers to practice the momentum and get associated with all the keys across the keyboard. The typing tricks will energize the momentum, along with the practice that you do whenever you are available. It will help you to explore the same key multiple times and get them ambushed inside your grey matter.

While you learn about increasing your typing speed, you should be aware of its benefits. The typing speed will bring considerable change in your career opportunities. There are many job opportunities across the market, where employers prefer candidates with high typing speed. As there are areas where technical skills also require typing speed and understanding your keyboard. It helps in accelerating the learning pathway and enhances focus on the work. Employers think that slow typing is disruptive and may lose focus while working. This will affect the timely delivery and reduce the quality of the work.

If you are thinking about the accuracy and efficiency of a Typing speed - then it will be 60 wpm. There are various typing games available in the marketplace or on the Internet, where you can upgrade your typing skill and speed while you are playing games. Today's generation is always exposed to technology. Hence, the kids also know how to operate a mobile phone, laptop, or computer. Therefore, it is necessary for them to concentrate on their typing speed so that they do not meet up with challenges in the future.

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