Eight questions you should ask as a candidate during an interview: with descriptions

12th May 2023

Job interviews may be a nerve-racking experience as a candidate attempting to impress the hiring manager and secure the position. Yet, near the end of the interview, the question "Do you have any questions for me?" might leave many candidates stumped for what to ask. In this blog, we will look at this one-of-a-kind opportunity to impress the recruiter by looking at some questions that candidates should ask a hiring manager to acquire a better knowledge of the job, the organization, and their role within it.

a candidate asking questions in an interview

1. Do you have any feedback to share with me so that I can improve myself in the long run?

You may be confident and have responded to all the questions asked by the hiring manager. However, there are scopes that you should improve. The hiring manager is the best one who was listening to your questions and was judging you for the role. If in case, you do not get selected, his recommendations would always help you to sit for any other interviews and implement them in the long run. There will be commendations and recommendations from the hiring manager that helps you to get more constructive and develop your personality for future interviews.

2. May I know how you will measure my performance or can you highlight the Key Responsibility areas?

It reveals the opportunity for growth that you are looking forward to when you get the prospect with the organization. If you understand the pointers, it will be easier for you to work and plan your performance accordingly. It helps you to understand the organization and the way it performs. You will be able to understand the way the organization treats its people. It will also answer the expectations that your supervisors would keep in the long run.

3. May I know if there are any challenges I need to look at or if I need to work on them?

We all read or go through the Job description before applying for the opportunity. However, the Job descriptions do not highlight the opportunity areas. If you are aware of the challenges then it will be easy for you to take the preparation and walkthrough the problem areas leniently. An organization contains diversified thoughts, and at times they lead to conflicts. Hence, the hiring manager may tactfully reveal those conflicts in response to your question. Therefore you may get yourself prepared, and stay alert for any uncalled circumstances during your employment.

4. What is the Growth opportunity or career opportunity with the organization?

While working with the organization, apart from our salary we should also look forward to growth or career opportunity. At times, you will feel stagnant working in the same role. Hence, you must be aware of the learning curve and the roles that you be available to you in the long run. You will get to know about various prospects that will help you to grow with the organization. On the other hand, the hiring manager would be happy to respond thinking about your keen interest in the growth prospect.

5. How the feedback process happens and is shared with the employees?

It is important to know the feedback process when we are performing. Every performance requires improvement. It is important for an organization to facilitate feedback to every employee. The question will make you understand if your supervisors only highlight your negative aspects or share the developmental areas. Few organizations follow the sandwich approach or the CRC approach (Commendation - Recommendation - Commendation). As adults, we need to understand the areas that we are doing right and the areas where we need to work. Other organizations follow the Positive and developmental approach - where they share what went well and what needs to develop. However, both approaches would motivate you in working with the organization. It is necessary to have weekly, monthly and quarterly sessions to gauge your performance and work on them to grow in the organization.

6. What are the Employee engagement programs that your organization commences?

We are aware that we join as an employee in the organization to earn our bread and butter. However, today's generation has got a lot of opportunities where we can switch easily. Hence, organizations or Employers organize various employee engagement programs to retain their employees. It is not necessary for an employee to be happy with the salary. However, they also look forward to a fun-loving workplace and various curricula held to engage the employees apart from their usual daily activities.

7. How does the company help the employees to maintain a work-life balance?

It is a critical question that helps the employees to understand the working hours that they will devote. Today's world suffers a lot of mental traumas and family conflicts for not maintaining a work-life balance. The question will help you to understand and plan your personal and professional life accordingly. It will also help you to know about the leave policies that the organization liberates to its employees. All in all, the employee will get the enthusiasm to understand the organizational behavior towards its employees.

8. What are the privileges provided to the employees who are working from home?

After the Pandemic, a lot of organizations have moved their operations into the Hybrid model or work-from-home model. A lot of organizations provide various facilities to their employees for working from home. We utilize our electricity and internet at home to meet the necessities of office activities. Hence, the question will answer the reimbursement policies and other facilities that they will render to make the business as usual from home.

We hope that by reading this blog, you will be better prepared for future interviews and will be able to ask relevant questions to the hiring manager, giving you a better understanding of the company's work culture, a major factor among others when determining your personal and professional growth.

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