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5th May 2023

With all the new initiatives being taken for hiring employees, new challenges are coming now and then. One such challenge that employers are facing is retaining Gen Z employees. Employers want to retain Gen Z employees in the pipeline so that they progress to become the next leaders.

So it is obvious to have questions like these in your mind:

  • What are the aspirations and demands of Gen Z employees from the workplace?
  • What are the challenges Gen Z employees face while building their careers?

If you feel yourself asking these questions too or are facing difficulty in understanding Generation Z in the workplace, this blog has you covered. Continue reading further to get an answer to all such questions!

Compelling Qualities That Attract Gen Z Employees to a Workplace

Gen Z employees are more socially aware and tech-savvy. They are keen to understand the values and goals of a company, and they align with those goals. They seek positions that will boost their sense of purpose and make them feel appreciated. You must have a social media presence as an employer because Gen Z employees consider that too. But there are a few other qualities that they look out for. Let’s know about them too.

The qualities that can help you in attracting and retaining Generation Z employees are:

  • Gen Z employees prefer working from places they are comfortable as they are fluent with digital tools.
  • Gen Z prefers peer-to-peer coaching over having a supervisor who micromanages them. They find it more effective.
  • Any Gen Z employee likes to work in a company that makes them feel like they are part of a team. No matter whether they are working from miles away or at the workplace, it makes them feel they are a part of something big.
  • Gen Z is the most diverse generation. Hence, they prefer a workplace that’s diverse too. It makes them feel proud to work for a company that’s so diverse.
  • Gen Z employees expect work-life balance. They prefer working in an organisation that understands they are human beings and not robots. It is a critical point they want their employers to understand.
  • All Gen Z employees not only want to progress in their roles but also develop new skills. They are willing to try out various roles that allow them to take on new responsibilities.
  • Gen Z employees need transparency when it comes to growth opportunities. They do not worry about job titles but need transparency on how they can grow within the organisation.
  • Gen Z prefers an organisation that fulfils its corporate and social responsibilities. They want to know your organisation’s stance and what your organisation did for it.
  • Gen Z employees get attracted to a company that has members from different generations. This gives them a space to learn, get mentored, and discuss their career goals.

Ensuring your company has all these qualities will just make it retaining Generation Z employees and managing Generation Z in the workplace easier.

Strategies That Will Help You Retain Gen Z Employees

Strategies to retain Gen Z employees

Engaging and retaining Generation Z employees can be difficult. These strategies can help you in creating a Gen Z-friendly work environment and meet Gen Z’s work culture preferences.

Provide Flexibility at The Workplace

Generation Z employees consider working with companies that have a less rigid work schedule. After all, who wouldn’t like to head in and out of the office or Slack when they need to or want to, right? Gen Z’s idea of a less rigid work schedule is directly tied to work-life balance. They do not prefer their work to dominate outside of work. Provide different flexible work arrangements like compressed work week or remote work, so that they do not feel tied up with the work.

Introduce Open & New Age Communication Channel

Generation Z is tech-savvy. They value transparency and prefer to stay connected with peers. Hence, create and share content about your company that conveys what it stands for, its purpose, and its social responsibilities to build trust among Gen Z employees.

Gen Z is exposed to these channels a lot more than any other generation. Putting out information like this will help them understand whether it aligns with their values or not. If your company’s purpose does align with them, they are likely to stay back.

Bring Diversity to Your Employer Branding

Gen Z employees prefer working with companies that take compelling, inclusive, and diverse initiatives. Diverse and inclusive workplaces improve the morale of their employees. It has a clear impact on their retention.

Your employees are your ambassadors. If you can highlight the diversity of your team on social media platforms, there is a high chance Gen Z is going to take notice of it.

Provide Developmental Guidance

Gen Z tends to stay longer in companies that help them grow into different roles. They prefer working for companies that help them acquire new skills and competence with assignments that are needed for higher-level roles.

Here are a few ways you can ensure you are providing Gen Z employees with developmental guidance:

  • Conduct mentorship programs in your organisation.
  • Invest in your entry-level employees.
  • Engage your employees in workshops.
  • Create IDPs (Individual Developmental Plans) for your employees.
  • Organise training sessions led by your organisation's employees.
  • Provide Gen Z employees with education opportunities.

On-board Gen Z Employees Effectively

Gen Z is the young talent of the industry that has a stronghold of technology, understands social norms, and can contribute significantly to your organisation.

Here is how you can ensure you are on board Gen Z employees effectively:

  • Send them an introductory email with a welcome message and the details they need to know. It’ll give them an overview of their first day.
  • Give them a tour of the office if they are joining an office setup. Introduce them to the other staff members and their co-workers.
  • Make sure you tell them about the various points of contact in case they have any concerns they want to discuss things like payroll or health insurance.
  • Set a call with their manager for them to get an overview of the team structure and its dynamic.
  • Take the employee to their work and help them get comfortable in the space. Allow them an hour or two to get accustomed to the new system.
  • Schedule all necessary training sessions and help them adapt to the company’s culture.
  • Ask for their feedback about the company through online forms or interactive sessions.
  • Follow up on their progress once three months are done, and they have settled in.

If you want to know more such strategies that will help you retain Gen Z employees, Innovsource is the one you can always turn to. We at Innovsource believe in providing you with the best possible talent that meets your requirements. Hence, Innovsource’s strategies for retaining Generation Z employees can come in handy for you at this time!

Future of Work for Gen Z Employees

Gen Z has entered the workforce and has a fresh take on things different from Gen X and millennials. They are redefining the idea of hustling at work to approaching work with an entrepreneurial mindset. They seek out the following while considering their employment at a workplace:

  • Value Alignment
  • Holistic well-being
  • Fair pay
  • Flexibility to work

Covid has taught Gen Z the importance of flexibility in the workplace and mental peace. They place their spiritual, physical, and mental health above everything else. Burnout is not even an option for them. They want the companies to be nimble and push them (Gen Z employees) to be environmentally and socially responsible.

One thing to remember about this cohort is that they are ready to take the bold decision to switch jobs when dissatisfied. This is not the case with Gen X or millennial employees.

You will find Gen Z spending less time in a role if you do not provide them with the right workspace. This not only depends on Gen Z’s work culture preferences and how you are engaging them but also on things like:

  • Are there any career development strategies for Gen Z?
  • Are Gen Z employees getting the right work-life balance?

To Sum Up!

Understanding Generation Z in the workplace requires potential employers like you to understand which sort of cohort they are and what they look out for in a workplace. While engaging Gen Z employees and retaining them can be the very question every employer is finding the answer to, do not forget to think about:

  • Gen Z’s work culture preferences
  • Ways of creating a Gen Z-friendly work environment

If you want to outsource this work, feel free to reach out to Innovsource. Innovsource’s strategies for retaining Generation Z employees will help you retain Gen Z talent at your workplace in the best possible way. Click here if you need more tips to retain employees at the workplace.

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